Blessed Herbs, Spices, Resins, Flowers, Barks, Powders and Seeds for Magical Craft. 

Find what you need in our apothecary for all your magical workings.

We focus solely on providing the magical properties of the plant spirits and intend our herbs to be used for crafting and ritual use as incense, salts, floor washes, baths, herbal sachets, anointing candles, herbal dressings, stuffing for poppets, etc and not for consumption.

We hope you have fun browsing the magical properties these beautiful plants provide and let your imagination go wild with ideas of how to incorporate these into your craft. 


The Witchery NZ takes no responsibility for the success or lack of magical workings as the intention and craft comes down to each individual and their knowledge, skill and belief. The Witchery NZ does not endorse replacing serious medical care where needed, please see a medical professional if you are struggling. We intend the use of our herbs and resins to be used for fun, to inspire the imagination and stimulate the senses.