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One devoted ritual candle for the exiled forest witch, wild spirited Baba Yaga.


Baba Yaga is famous in Russian Folktales and is often depicted as a scary Hag Crone. She is a wild free spirit that is not to be messed with. It is said if you do not approach her with a pure heart and intention you could end up on her fence of bones. She doesn’t tolerate time wasters or nonsense. She offers extraordinary inspiration, creativity, magick, insight and to some she can take on a Motherly role.


This ritual candle was hand-poured, anointed, and dressed with a Baba Yaga blended loose incense made by Priscilla at the Witchery.

Approximately 10cm tall, 30 minutes burning time.

Baba Yaga Devoted Ritual Candle

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