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Creative Drawing & Illustration

a sourcebook of inspirational drawing skills

By Peter Gray


Drawing is an ever-popular and rewarding way of recording the world as we see it, but it can also be more than that: it can express feelings and attitudes, it can shock, intrigue, or tell a story. Going beyond the academic exercises of traditional drawing, this innovative book focuses on how you can develop techniques to set your work apart. You will learn how to interpret subject matter for maximum impact, quirkiness and visual interest. And if you want to take your work into the realm of the imagination, the book covers subjects as diverse as anthropomorphism, fantasy art and surrealism. Author and illustrator Peter Gray demonstrates each point with his own accomplished artworks and step-by-step examples.

Topics include:

• Tone and texture

• Drawing with light

• Stylistic portraiture

• Purity of design

• Fantasy landscape

Creative Drawing & Illustration ~ Peter Gray

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