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Crystal chip bottles 4.5cm tall (including cork) 2cm wide.

Choose from:

*AMETHYST - intuition, relaxation, psychic development

*AMETRINE- intuition, abundance, spiritual development

*AQUAMARINE - self awareness, communication, safe travel

*BLUE LACE AGATE - peace, communication, balance

*CITRINE - manifest, success, confidence

*CLEAR QUARTZ- clarity, amplifying energy

*CARNELIAN - action, personal power, performance

*FLUORITE - focus, insight, decision making

*GARNET - relieves stress, manifestations, security

*IRON PYRITE- Protection, Vitality, grounding

*LAPIS LAZULI - intuition, past lives, communication

*LARIMAR - Inner wisdom, outer manifestation, peace, clarity, deep healing, throat chakra.

*MIXED TOURMALINE - passion, strength, vitality, protection, rejuvenation, synergy, forgiveness

*MOONSTONE - balance, fertility, direction

*OBSIDIAN - Protection, grounding

*PREHNITE - self esteem, deep healing, rebuilds trust, wisdom

*PERIDOT - Prosperity, health, money, grounding

*ROSE QUARTZ - self love, strengthening relationships, romance

*RUBY -kundalini energy, strength, sexual health

*RED JASPER - protection, stamina, strength

*TIGERS EYE - courage, confidence, strength, will power

Crystal Chip Bottles

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