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Fairy Tales Keepsake Collection

Large preloved hardcover book in excellent/as new condition.

This charming collection

of richly illustrated fairy tales will sweep you into a magical world. You'll journey to an enchanted castle and encounter a lovable beast, dive into the ocean to visit a magical mermaid kingdom, and meet a puppet who longs to become a real little boy. And that's just the beginning!

These classic fairy tales are sure to unlock the imaginations of children and grown-ups alike.

So, come to a land where an ordinary orange pumpkin can turn into a glittering carriage and a frog can transform into a handsome prince.

Once you visit, you'll want to return again and again.


•King Midas

•Beauty and the Beast



•The Emperor’s New Clothes


•The Little Mermaid


•The Frog Prince

•Sleeping Beauty

Fairy Tales ~ Keepsake Collection

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