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La Santa Muerte ~ Unearthung the Magic & Mysticism of Death

By Tomas Prower

New, Softcover book.

Tomas Prower takes those curious to know more about the spirit of death taking shape as La Santa Muerte on a deep ride through history, tradition, folklore, and first hand experience, He deftly balances the aspects of practical folk magick… with the deeper mystery tradition of her cult involved in facing the reality of death directly, A wonderful education in a figure that is fairly unknown and misunderstood."

-Christopher Penczak, co-founder of The Temple of Witchcraft.

Spells and Prayers for the Saint

Who Accepts Everyone

Discover the history, culture, and practical magic of La Santa Muerte with this accessible and authentic guide. As the patron saint of lost causes, the LGBT community, addicts, and anyone who has been marginalized by society, La Santa Muerte has a following of millions-and she's only becoming more popular. Join author Tomás Prower-a practicing devotee of La Santa Muerte- as he gives step-by-step instructions for spells, magic, and prayers for practical results and long-term goals, including money, love, sex, healing, legal issues, protection, and more. La Santa Muerte also includes detailed information on:

Her Names • Tools • Altars • Offerings • Spells • Prayers Rituals • History • Myths • Symbols • Meditations • Ethics

Colors • Correspondences

La Santa Muerte ~ Unearthung the Magic & Mysticism of Death

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