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X1 Wooden clasp gift box + contents:

X1 white stone mortar & pestle

20g Dragons blood resin

20g Palo Santo resin

20g Patchouli resin

20g Copal resin

20g Orris root Powder

20g Nag champa powder

10g Cypress root

10g Burdock root

5g Marshmallow root

20g Celery seeds

10g Fennel seeds

5g Bay leaves

5g Stinging nettle

5g Cleavers

5g Mugwart

10g Rosemary

20g Rosehips

20g Hibiscus flowers

4.5g Cornflowers

5g Calendula

10g Star anise

20g Juniper berries

5g Mixed flowers

5g Rose petals

Mortar & Pestle Herb Gift Box

$130.00 Regular Price
$104.00Sale Price
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