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Our rosemary is homegrown and blessed for magical use. These 9.5 inch wands are made up mostly of the rosemary wood stem -only few leaves to help it catch light, and dried out ready for ritual use.

Rosemary, when burned, emits a powerful cleansing vibration and so is used to rid a place of negativity especially prior to performing magic. It is also said to protect the home from thieves and increase psychic perception. (often used as a substitute for frankincense) you can use these wood wands as you would a cleansing bundle (smudge) or if you’re lucky enough to have a fire place or pit throw the whole wand in to release the scent of rosemary and all its magical properties.

Rosemary is a good alternative to using white sage and has strong purification and protection qualities.

Each measure approximately 9-9.5inches (24cm) and 2cm wide.

You will receive one rosemary wood wand. Keep in a dry place until use or in between uses to avoid absorbing any moisture as this can make it harder to burn.

Rosemary Wood Wand

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