Calligraphy poetry & raven pen drawing by Michael Raimona.
Both original pen images have been printed onto thick recycled A4 quartz paper and they come as a set. 

I see the seer of seers
Who in turn sees me
And though my eyes be fastened tight
My minds' eye sees past these
Through bone and flesh, 
time and space
Through smoke and trickery
With the vision of a wisened one
I even see through thee
I see a fellow seeker
Of the hidden truths
Wearing many guises
Shifting as you move
Your camouflage of shadows
The masked personalities that you don
I peek beneath, see under
All illusion dispelled and gone
A silent voice of inner knowing
Screaming in your head
A dream within a dream
The darkness that you've shed
I am your souls' reflection
Which deep within you've felt
The seeker looking in
The seer looking out.

Written by Mikaere Raimona

‘Seer’ Print & Poetry by Mikaere Raimona