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Author, Natasha Helvin

New, softcover book.

Passed down through generaions, the Slavic practice of magic, witchcraft, and

sorcery is still alive and well in Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus as well as the Balkans and the Baltic states.

Natasha Helvin explores in detail the folk history and practice of Russian sorcery and Eastern Slavic magical rites, offering a rich compendium of more than 300 spells, incantations, charms, and practical rituals for love, relationships, career success, protection, healing, divination, averting the evil eye, communicating with spirits and ancestors, and a host of other life challenges and daily situations, with complete step-by-step instructions to ensure your magical goals are realized. She explains how this tradition has only a thin Christian veneer over its pagan origins and how the Slavic pagan gods and goddesses acquired new lives as the saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church. She details how the magical energy for these spells and rituals is drawn from the forces of nature, revealing specific places of power in the natural world as well as the profound power of graveyards and churches for casting spells. She explores the creation of amulets and talismans, the importance of icons, and the proper recital of magical language and actions during spells as well as how one becomes a witch or


Revealing what it means to be a Slavic witch or sorceress, and how this vocation pervades all aspects of life, she shows that each of us has magic within that we can use to take control of our own destiny.

Born in the Soviet Union, NATASHA HELVIN is an occultist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the Haitian Vodou tradition as well as an avid scholar of other magical traditions.

She learned the ancient Slavic secrets of magic and healing from her family and, as a child, often saw her grandmother and mother use magic in their everyday lives to help neighbors and friends. A professional rootworker and spiritual coach, she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Slavic Witchcraft ~ Natasha Helvin

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