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The Good Witch’s Guide.

Shawn Robbins and Charity Bedell.

A modern-day wiccapedia of magickal ingredients and spells.

New, hardcover gold & silver embossed book.

From cleansing spells to the spiritual use of herbs, The Good Witch's Guide is a fresh, comprehensive collection that covers everything from herbal brews and potions, aromatherapy, and spells, to healing teas and decoctions, recipes, and more. Just some of what you'll find includes:

*Mental strength and clarity oil

* Stress-relief bath salts

*Crystal charms and talismans

*Chakra-balancing ritual

* Shell love charm

*Chicken soup spell

*Energizing teas

* Power-enhancing tinctures

*Spells, remedies, and recipes from a roundtable of noted witches, healers, and mystical practitioners

The Good Witch’s Guide

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