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The complete book of Doll Making & Collecting.

Preloved, softcover book.

Illustrated throughout

Author Catherine Christopher

‘Written by an expert of national reputation, The Complete Book of Doll Making and Collecting is literally the most complete, detailed book of its kind available in English -explaining how to make all kinds of dolls from soft rag dolls to many of more advanced technique, in addition to recounting the fascinating history of dolls.

This unique volume tells you in clear, non-technical terms how to create dozens and dozens of attractive dolls that will delight the heart of adult and child alike. One-piece rag dolls, dolls with faces molded to resemble members of the family or storybook and historical characters, dolls built on a wire frame, novelty dolls made from handkerchiefs, yarn, clothespins, or socks (with rubber ball heads) -you have all these and more to choose from.

Doll making becomes an easy skill within everyone's reach with this book to show the way. Photographs and diagrams make every step simple as you are shown all the skills that you can use to give your creations their own special personalities.

For your dolls' wardrobes, this book tells you how to cut from patterns, how to sew and trim doll clothing, from straight-line suits to more elaborate costumes. It gives you basic patterns and suggestions for many unusual garments, as well as a whole gallery of photographs of foreign and historical costumes for your own design inspiration.

Full directions are included for a handsome, easy-to-make doll house, complete with doll furniture and other accessories. And whether you are a doll maker or a doll collector, you will enjoy the history of dolls presented in this volume. You learn the different uses they have been put to and the different ways they have been made, from early Egyptian times to twentieth century America.

A fact-filled chapter explains how to recognize and identify the types of various periods and countries. The author also gives you the benefit of her experience on building a collection of historical dolls, and she includes a handy reference dictionary of terms used by pro. fessional doll collectors.

Second revised (1971) edition. Profusely illustrated. Dictionary of Doll Definitions.’

Doll Making & Collecting ~ Catherine Christopher

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