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The Green Witch's Garden

Author Arin Murphy~Hiscock

New, hardcover book.

Your Complete Guile to creating and cultivating

a magical garden space.

Grow your magical practise.

The green witch's garden is the site of deep, rich, and meaningful connections with the earth--the source of the green witch's power. In Arin Murphy Hiscock's The Green Witch's Garden, you'll learn to work closely with nature and reap your own magical harvest.

As you care for your garden during its magical life cycles, you'll develop personal bonds with your plants, and glean spiritual riches from the process. When it's time to harvest, you'll discover how to incorporate your bounty into your practice, and manifest healing power from the magical herbs and plants you've grown. This guide also contains the lore, traditions, and spells passed down through generations of green witches to help you grow in your role of naturalist.

You will work hands-on with nature's healing energies, cultivate your own sacred space, and experience the joy of overseeing life.

Allow your magical craft to flourish beyond what you thought was possible--with your own green witch's garden.

The Green Witch’s Garden ~ Arin Murphy~Hiscock

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