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AmThe Victorian Nursery Companion ~ A Keepsafe For Baby

By Sarah Ban Breathnach

Preloved book unused as not written in but the dust jacket does have a rip on the back which has been taped.

Inspired by an antique book of Victorian lullabies, this charming collection combines long-forgotten children's poetry with affectionate glimpses into the tradition, ritual, and lore of nine-teenth-century nursery life, from a peek at Queen Victoria's nursery to a sampler of favorite nursery food recipes. How Victorian infants were trained to sleep through the night, what they wore, and how they grew up are all delightfully explored in the prose drawn from baby books, child-rearing guides, and publications of the era.

A hundred glorious Victorian paintings, illustrations from antique children's books, period photographs, and ephemera fill the pages of this nostalgic scrapbook intended to become a treasured keepsake for a new generation of children.

Prominently featured in this unusual volume are the works of the Victorian era's most beloved

women illustrators from both sides of the Atlantic, including Maud Humphrey, Ida Waugh, Jessie Willcox Smith, Kate Greenaway, Harriet Bennett, and Helen Allingham.

In addition, throughout The Victorian Nursery Companion are ten blank "Memory Pages" allowing readers to personalize the book for their own precious newcomer. No new parent will be able to resist tucking a photograph showing "Our Favorite Picture of You Sleeping" into a book of Victorian lullabies, thereby creating an instant memoir-and the perfect new baby gift book.

For both families and lovers of Victoriana, The Victorian Nursery Companion is bound to become a book that will be cherished for years to come.

The Victorian Nursery Companion ~ A Keepsake For Baby

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