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Hi, I am Natalie-Priscilla,

(Mostly known as Priscilla online!)

I opened The Witchery NZ in 2014 and this is my little creative outlet where I make, source, and sell beautiful objects and unusual gifts. I am a Mother to three wonderful children under the age of five, so I currently run all my business online only.

Before my children were born I had a boutique store in Petone Wellington for 4.5years and my vision to reopen a destination store again is still strong!

The Witchery NZ has always been about inspiring the imagination and to serve mystical, magickal and meaningful gifts and tools to inspire hope, empowerment and creativity. I draw my inspiration from nature, fairytales, witchcraft, magick, oddities and the old world. 

In my online portal here, you will find plenty of treasures handmade, homegrown, repurposed, vintage, antiques and plenty of new items.

I try to source what I find the beauty - or spooky in. Items that hold wonder, curiosity or nostalgia and that I think would make lovely gifts or home decor. 

I am a keen gardener and grow flowers and herbs to dry and create floral creations, posies, incense and more. I make gift and spell candles anointed in oils and herbary for ritual work. I adore everything made of quality craftsmanship. I often rummage second-hand stores and attend auctions to bring in different home decor pieces.. vintage dolls, frames, art... anything that calls to me. I have collections of naturally found bones, bird nests, feathers anything that Mother Nature gifts as I adventure outdoors. Foraging, treasure hunting and crafting is something my children love taking part in and often make and find their own creations along side me as I gather and create for The Witchery NZ.

I hope you enjoy browsing my store and I look forward to meeting you when the new space comes into fruition!

Love Priscilla 

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