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Essential Oils ~ Your Aromatherapy Guide to Ayurvedic Healing

Author Dr Ravi Ratan

New, softcover book.

Drawing on 28 years of experience, Dr Ravi Ratan combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern principles in Vedic Aromatherapy, creating unique blends for holistic health and healing.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the healing and therapeutic use of essential oils on a psychological as well as physical level.

This unique, beautifully illustrated guide explains the active ingredients, properties and uses of over 90 remarkable essential oils, and the ways they affect our wellbeing.

Whether you're experienced or just beginning, Dr Ratan will help you:

• Understand the secrets of blends and applications, whether healing, relaxing, uplifting or sensual.

• Choose the right base oils to enhance your blends.

• Discover Chakra healing with essential oils.

• Find out 50 easy ways to use aromatherapy and essential oils.

• Learn aromatherapy and beauty therapy for every body part.

• Benefit from the wonders of evening primrose oil.

• Make feel-good, fragrant products for the body and home using techniques such as blending, aromatherapy massage and steam inhalation, alongside natural beauty treatments.

Essential Oils Your Aromatherapy Guide to Ayurvedic Healing ~ Dr Ravi Ratan

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