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Forbidden Knowledge of Faery Witchcraft

Author Storm Faerywolf

New, softcover book.

The Faery tradition of Witchcraft challenges you to draw on your inner darkness. Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft invites you to walk the bardic path of poetry, art, song, and ecstasy as you cultivate the power of the forsaken shadows. Guiding you through enchantments, reflections, demonic rituals, divine possession, necromancy, and Occultus Maleficum, this book helps you cultivate techniques for refining and strengthening your own magical will. Peer behind the veil of comfort and face your most powerful fears. Go beyond the ease of logic into the realm of the raw irrational. Dare to ally with spirits that can open the doorway to unimagined sources of energy. When you learn to connect to the mysterious current of the unknown, you can achieve magical success.

Forbidden Knowledge of Faery Witchcraft ~ Storm Faerywolf

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