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Green Witchcraft

Ann Moura

New. Softcover

A true beginners guide to the old religion.

Learn the basics of Witchcraft from a third-generation Witch raised in a family tradition. Positive, practical, and easy to use, Green Witchcraft brings together the best of both modern Wicca and the author's family heritage of herb craft and folk magic.

Green Witchcraft explores the fundamentals of the Wiccan religion, providing magical training for the independent thinker. Step-by-step instructions on a wide variety of magical techniques as well as basic rules of conduct make this the ideal book to get you started. Green rituals for self-initiation, rites of passage, seasonal celebrations and activities provide an excellent foundation for your own magical tradition.

Discover the fine art of spellcasting, the magical uses of herbs, divination with the tarot, and more. Explore the Sabbats, Esbats, and other rituals attuned to the cycles of nature and the universal powers. Find out for yourself what this organic approach to Witchcraft is all about.

ANN MOURA has been a practitioner of Green Witchcraft for over fifty years. The popular books and the tarot kit that comprise her Green Witchcraft series have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have been translated into several languages worldwide. Ann lives in Florida, where she runs her own metaphysical store, presents public rituals, and teaches classes on the Craft. She holds a master's degree in history.

Green Witchcraft ~ Ann Moura

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