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St Johns Wort 10g
(Hypericum perforatum) 
Magical Properties: Antidepressant, strength, love, happiness, protection.

St Johns wort has long been used as a mild antidepressant and to uplift your mood promoting more joy and is said to help cure melancholy.
It is said to attract love and used in a witches bottle placed by your window protects against evil spirits, ghosts, necromancers and banish demons. 
Placed beneath the pillow is said to allow unmarried women to dream of their future husbands. It can be used in rituals or carried with you to help detect other magical beings.

 (Please seek professional medical advice on this herb if you are feeling a deep depression or taking other medications)

You will receive this in a small bag with a hand written label.

St John’s Wort

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