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The Book of Seances

A guide to Divination and Speaking to Spirits.

Author Claire Goodchild

As long as people have lived, they have longed for wisdom and comfort from those who have died. In The Book of Séances, artist, author, and witch Claire Goodchild takes readers on a journey over the historical landscape of spiritualism and guides questers through safe practices for cultivating a connection with the other side.

The Book of Séances details the four types of spiritual encounters, teaches us how to protect ourselves, and breaks down the different tools-from spirit boards and tarot to dominoes and charms--that are essential for opening a bridge to the afterlife. Whether you are conducting solitary or group séances, this book offers a way to safely glimpse beyond the veil.

Through her evocative writing and singular art, Goodchild provides a comprehensive history of the séance alongside an immersive guide to accessing and communing with the spirit world. The Book of Séances provides hauntingly lovely signposts of our own personal mythology as revealed through our conscious and unconscious lives.’

“We are in this moment collectively embarking on a new journey in terms of spirit communication and paranormal investigating -a journey that will be more about building connections with our loved ones than about proving their otherworldly existence to the masses."

-from The Book of Séances

The Book of Seances ~ New

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