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Divination Techniques to Unlock Your Fortune

Isabella Drayson

Hardcover, new book.

‘Unlock the secret messages in the world around you with this comprehensive guide to fortune telling.

The ancient sages believed the patterns in nature to be manifestations of the divine.

All of these patterns reveal the truth of the past, present, and future and many fortune telling methods were created from this symbolic imagery.

With easy-to-follow instructions and clear illustrations,

The Fortune Telling Directory helps you understand the tools of divination and shows you how to use a wide range of fortune-telling methods, from tarot reading to palmistry, and from numerology to pendulum dowsing.

Whether you choose to seek your fortune in runic oracles, tea leaves, or crystals, this practical guide will help you to unlock the secret messages they hold and to create for yourself and others a happy and positive future.’

The Fortune Telling Directory

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