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The Guardian of the Night Tarot

By MJ Cullinane

New, 78-cards and guidebook.

Without darkness there is no light.

From the creator of Crow Tarot, this richly illustrated 78-card tarot deck and guidebook are reminders that there is always light to be found, even on the darkest of nights. Discover a vast menagerie of animal energy to guide you on your journey through the toughest times and discover wisdom and insight in those moments.

This tarot deck is not a tool to banish the darkness, but an invitation to dream the divine dreams that emerge from the night and to find beauty wherever you are on your path. The wise creatures of this deck walk beside you and offer their individual gifts of wisdom and inspiration to your readings as the shining moon and flickering fireflies illuminate your path through the forest.

The Guardian of the Night Tarot

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