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Wild Witchcraft ~ By Rebecca Beyer

New. Hardcover book.

Wichcraft is wild a heart, calling us into relationship with the untamed world around us. Through developing a connection with plants and by authentically interacting with the earth, a witch-beginner or experienced-can practice their art more deeply. Bridging the gap between modern practitioners and the hedge witches of old, Wild Witchcraft will empower you to work directly with a wide variety of plants and trees safely and sustainably.

Author Rebecca Beyer draws from her years of experience as an Appalachian witch and forager to give you a practical guide to herbalism and natural magic that will share:

•The history of witchcraft and Western herbalism

•How to create and maintain your own herbal garden

• Recipes for tinctures, teas, salves, and other potions to use in rites and rituals

• Remedies for self-healing

•Foraging basics

•Rituals to celebrate the turning of the seasons

• And much more!

Wild Witchcraft ~ Rebecca Beyer

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